The Importance of Rendering Trailers

October 29, 2014

“Our three month old calf wasn’t keeping up with the herd, when I examined her I found that she had a whooping heart murmur. She was knocked over in the field by the other calves playing, I examined her and noticed she was in fulminant heart failure. I had no choice but to euthanize her.”

This is just one rancher’s story about a loss of his calf. It is a sad situation, but also, not unexpected. Every farmer whether large or small will face the loss of an animal. When situations like this arise, many farmers turn to a rendering company like Central Bi-Products. But where do these companies get their equipment? They turn to Artex! We offer aluminum rendering trailers that are built to last.

Rendering TrailersFeatures of Artex Rendering Trailers

  • Extruded Hollow Wall construction
  • Spring or Air Suspension system
  • Heavy Duty Hydraulics
  • Leak Proof Gates
  • Two Point Controls
  • Compartments for Material separation
  • 2 and 3 25,000 Pound Axles
  • Lift Axles
  • Hydraulic Lid
  • Hitch Options

Watch Artex Trailers in Action

Meet With Artex

Artex recently attended the National Rendering Associations Conference on October 20th-24th. We enjoyed meeting with attendees about our rendering equipment. We’d like to meet with you and discuss your rendering equipment needs! Contact Artex today to learn more.