Why Artex

Built By Farmers

Owned by Farmers.

Built by Farmers.

Made for Farmers

Some farmers need a spreader that can handle it all. Artex spreaders are the highest of quality and precisely manufactured to pulverize any kind of material for superior spread distance and uniformity. Our entire line of spreaders is made with you in mind. We only build machines that will keep up with your long hours and days when you need to simply get the job done. An Artex spreader will give you everything you need to keep production moving.

Revolutionary Twin Vertical Beaters

We kind of turned this whole spreading thing on its ear. But why not, when vertical beaters pulverize your cargo and throw a path up to 60 feet wide—versus a single, standard beater that only throws as wide as the spreader?
• Fewer passes in the field, more time where it matters
• The most durable augers on earth
• Shear-bolt protection with overrunning clutch for smooth shutdown

Artex MFG Verticle Twin Beaters

Unbeatable Undercarriage

Talk to anyone with an Artex spreader, and you’ll hear two things: “It sure does pull nice.” and “Who cares how it pulls? I’ve never had a spreader work so well for so long!”
• More steel for maximum wear
• Thicker steel for maximum life
• Floor slats just 9” apart
• The strongest chain
• The best gearbox
• Hand-made construction
• And the only spreader with spring suspension

Unbeatable Undercarriage

The Best-Built Frame in the World

If we’ve learned anything in the past 40 years, it’s this: more steel makes things stronger. Okay, we’ve learned a heckuva lot more than that, but the point is still true: beefier construction means longer life.
• 10-gauge steel
• Every possible structural reinforcement

Best Built Frame

Guillotine Gate

You’re gonna lose your head over this handy little innovation. Why? Because it allows you to raise and lower the hydraulic gate to any position, so you can meter all sorts of materials and spread at the rate you want.
• Precision farming—spread as much or as little as you like
• Leave the gate low for controlled throw and maximum usage
• Raise the gate for higher spread levels
• Other spreaders can’t compete

Gillouteen Gate

Articulating Hitch

This one’s simple: our articulating single-lip hitch gives you more flex and fewer problems.
• Superior durability
• Greater give during loading
• No cracking
• Less maintenance


HMW Flooring

The floor of your spreader is truly going to be put to the test, so we make sure ours is as durable as possible—standing up to the weather, the materials you’re spreading, and a long, long life on the farm.
• Super Slide solid poly floor
• The thickest substrate in the industry
• Longer, slower wear