Car Crush

We put a Geo Metro through a manure spreader.

Is this a great job, or what?

It’s a question we hear all the time. Why would we put a car through a manure spreader?
(It went through, by the way, and let’s just say it won’t be going anywhere ever again.)

Well, why do we do any of the things we do at Artex?
To make sure the hardest workers in the world have the toughest equipment on earth.

You see, our designers are farmers, our welders are farmers, our sales guys are farmers—we know what it means to be at the mercy of the land 1,200 acres away from help. That’s why we build our manure spreaders, silage trailers, rendering trailers, and combo-boxes to out-perform and outlast any other, anywhere.

Simply put: you will never find a tougher piece of equipment than Artex. Ever.