The SB600 Manure Spreader works on BOTH Cattle and Poultry Manure

March 26, 2013

We are pleased to share information about another satisfied customer!  The Sellner family from near Sleepy Eye recently purchased our SB 600 Manure Spreader.

The Sellner’s wanted a demonstration of how our vertical beaters would spread turkey manure.  Being a lighter material they were not convinced that turkey manure would be distributed well through the vertical blades.  They, just like a number of people, were under the impression that vertical worked excellent with cattle manure, but nothing else.

After seeing the manure spreader in action, the Sellner’s were convinced that the vertical beaters would easily handle their needs.  With the SB 600, they will be able to use the manure spreader for both the dairy herd and the turkey manure on their farm.  The SB spreader solved the issue of having to buy two separate spreaders to handle both jobs!

Click play to watch video of our spreader with the vertical beater making easy work of turkey manure.

Learn more about the SB Tractor Pull Type Manure Spreader
Designed to be versatile enough to utilize one piece of equipment for a variety of applications!

Redwood Metal Works / Artex saved the Sellner family money and we can help you too!  Contact us directly or click here for a list of dealers near you.