Manure Spreaders


The number one selling size spreader! Introducing the newest and smallest member of the family.

  • Average 45′ spread
  • 100-300 Head of cattle
  • Recommended Tractor Size – 90 EHP

SB Series

Our SB Series manure spreaders are built with the small farm in mind. Its height makes it perfect for a skid loader to easily load and a width that has no problem getting through narrow gates or barn allies.

  • Avgerage 45′ wide spread
  • 300-700 Head of cattle
  • Recommended Tractor Size – 110-220 EHP

SBX Series

If you want pure power, this is the manure spreader for you! Its large box is perfectly designed for easy filling with a payloader while it’s wider axels and beaters give this manure spreader maximum stability, even on steep hills, and superior spread pattern, like a rainbow…only made of crap. You can’t go wrong with this series!

  • Average 45′ wide spread
  • 500-800 Head of cattle
  • Recommended Tractor Size – 110-200 EHP

SBX 950

Welcome to the Big Leagues.

Now offering a bigger, badder spreader in our low-profile series for those with lots of work and not a lot of time. With a low load height and an extra 4 feet of length for more volume, the SBx950 helps you get the job done smarter, not harder.

  • 10 Gauge Steel Walls
  • 180 Degree swivel arm for hydraulic lines
  • Inset Guillotine Gate
  • Articulating Hitch
  • HMW Poly Floor
  • Twin Vertical Beaters
  • Remote Grease Banks
  • Chain Floor
  • Spring Suspension
  • 3/8” thick tube construction on reach
  • 5/8” thick flighting on vertical beater
  • Remote grease banks
  • Removable rear chain doors
  • 7 tooth rear chain drive sprocket
  • 1/2” HMW Poly floor
  • Optional tire sizes available
  • 425/65R-22.5, 560/45R-22.5, 600r/50R-22.5
  • Optional raven scale system
  • Chain relief valve
  • Optional Series parallel valve
  • Chain reversing feature

CB Series

Whether spreading manure is what you do for a living or you just have a ton of land the CB Series manure spreader will get the big jobs done. Hydraulic breaks relieve break load from the tractor making hauling that much crap safer in greasy conditions. Our oversized tucked tire system minimizes ground compression while still making highway transport safe and easy from site to site. The steerable axels reduce tire wear and relieve the pressure on the axels all while maximizing field maneuverability and minimizing berming. Last, but never least, the heavy-duty CB gear box was built for the heavy load. Don’t waste time reloading smaller spreaders for the big jobs…get the job done sooner with the CB series.

  • Average 45′ wide spread
  • 700-1200 Head of cattle
  • Recommended Tractor Size – 175-200 EHP