Manure Spreader Accidents are Preventable

December 24, 2013

Farm accidents are far too common; chances are that you know of a family member, friend, neighbor or community member that has had some sort of farming accident.

As farmers the “hurry up and get it done” mindset is ingrained in us.  We tend to be in a hurry and often times don’t take the time for safety.  If you spoke to numerous farmers, you would be sure to hear a story or two of how they were either guilty of, or had seen a fellow farmer, do something dangerous on the farm that could have resulted in an injury.

Farm safety is a concern all year long, but when you add winter weather into the mix it seems to bring with it a few extra issues.

We want to share with you some general reminders as farmers hit the fields through the winter:

  • Remain seated in the tractor while the manure spreader is operating.
    When you leave the tractor turn it off, thus shutting the PTO off and preventing the auger from rotating.
  • Shut off the auger and PTO when you do maintenance, clean the equipment or anything near the auger.
    Always stop the PTO/auger prior to working on anything with your spreader.  Remember “Do not clean, lubricate, or make any adjustments to the spreader while it is in motion or operation.”
  • Train any and all persons that will operate the manure spreader and go over all safety precautions.
    You and every worker that operates farm machinery should be trained on the proper use of each piece of equipment and the safety measures that they must adhere to.

Areas of concerns:

  • Cold weather can create a buildup on the sides of the manure spreader box, use extra care when cleaning.
  • The PTO (power take off) can easily catch clothing and cause you to lose a limb.  ALWAYS shut off the PTO.
  • Simply being on the road with other vehicles can be a hazard, be sure to have operating lights on both your tractor and manure spreader.
  • Know your owner’s manual inside and out.
  • Be sure to oil/lubricate to help prevent freezing.

We want everyone to stay safe out there.  If you have any questions on safety issues, please contact us or leave a comment below!