Easy Removal of Manure Spreader Attachments is More Than Convenience

December 27, 2012

Pitching manure; it’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it.  About the time that you are knee deep in “it”, you’ll remember that you need to work with the back end attachments!  If you are like us, attachments usually don’t cross your mind until you actually have work with them.

If you have an Artex or Redwood Metal Works manufactured manure spreader you won’t have to think twice, as all of our spreader attachments are very easy to exchange.

Do you have multiple manure needs?  Then you realize that different beaters and attachments are necessary.  We can help with that!

Read below to find out a little more about each of our four spreader attachments available through a dealer near you.

Vertical Beater Attachment

  • Twin Vertical Beater
    • Newly designed for feed yards and pen pack
    • Heavy duty augers with replaceable teeth
    • 60’ wide spread pattern
    • Newly designed gearbox system with oil-bath lubrication
    • Shear-bolt protected with overrunning clutch

Cyclone Attachment

  • Beater attachment available in 2 different models
    • Equipped with two large spinners
    • Mechanical or Hydraulically driven
    • Spinners mounted directly to 160 HP gearbox
    • 10,000 series Charr Lynn Motor for hydraulic drive
    • Use for Chicken Manure, Pen-Pack, Compost, Lime and Bio-Solids

Twin-Beater Cyclone Attachment

  • Ultimate manure spreader, a twin-beater and cyclone combination
    • Equipped with two large spinners
    • Two internal beater drums to break up heavy clumps
    • Spinners mounted directly to 160 HP gearbox
    • Includes size 8 Bondioli drive shaft
    • Use for Chicken Manure, Pen-Pack, Straw Pack and Composted Manure

The Original Beater Attachment

  • Beater attachment available in 2 different models, Twin Beater with direct drive (mechanical) or hydraulic drive
    • 32” diameter bottom beater, 22” diameter top beater
    • Beater hinged to allow unloading of rocks in manure
    • All beater teeth using QT 400 hardened steel plate
    • Bolt on paddles

You can be sure that our attachments will shred better, keep your manure from clumping and provide an even ground coverage.  All while making it easy to remove and exchange beaters as you need to for your multiple manure needs.

Redwood Metal Works is continually working to build the most state-of-the-art products to meet and exceed our customer’s needs!  What are your biggest problems on the farm?  We want to help!