CB1200 Spreader Solves Poor Coverage Problems in Florida Sugar Cane Fields

March 7, 2013

Our trip to Florida was a success!  Both in the fact that we did not get bit by an alligator (as we were working right next to them) and also that our CB1200 made easy work of spreading “yard waste” on the Florida Crystals fields!

Florida Crystals is a leading domestic sugar producer and North America’s first fully integrated cane sugar company, guiding our sugar from the field to the table.  We are America’s first and only producer of certified organic sugar, grown and harvested in the United States, and the first sugar certified CarbonFree® by Carbonfund.org. Our renewable energy facility is the largest of its kind in North America and provides clean energy that powers our sugar operations and tens of thousands of homes, which helps us reduce our use of fossil fuels.

We arrived in Belle Glade Florida and met with the people from the company Florida Crystals and ran a 3 day demo over January 23-25, 2013.  This company harvests 180,000 acres which is not only sugar cane but also includes green beans, sweet corn, radishes and rice. If you added up from one end to the other of all their fields it would stretch across 53 miles!

The bi-products that they need to spread are “yard waste” which is basically anything in your yard that you would throw away.  It looks similar to a mulch that we would use in our flower beds.  It is an all organic material and they use it as a spread in their sugar cane fields to help hold in moisture as the soil in West Palm Beach is a very sandy ground.  The other bi-product they use is what they call “muck” which looks like a black dirt and is spread over the sandy soil to hold in moisture.

The demo was held so that we could show how our spreaders would solve the issues they were having with poor coverage.  They were facing uneven amounts of coverage and even clumps in their spreading.

After the demo comparing their current equipment to what Artex / Redwood Metal Works has to offer. These are the main factors that really impressed them about our CB1200:

  • An even amount of coverage
  • Much wider spread
  • Ours worked well with both bi-products they use
  • Ours eliminated big clumps*
  • Vertical beaters vs. horizontal beaters really made a difference

We are happy to say that they were more than pleased with our up to date equipment!

We threw this “clump” which was actually a tree stump back into the spreader and our customer was surprised that it went thru without any damage to the spreader!

Does your company need to spread a unique application?  We would love to help you out! If you would like to have a demo of our products, contact us!

Watch this video as they spread the yard waste with the CB 1200