Artex “Manure Shredders” Featured on the Discovery Channel

October 6, 2014

“Anybody can load a manure spreader full of manure and show how durable it is. We want to go above and beyond to prove our point on how tough the Artex spreader really is…and were going to prove it today!” ~ Chett Bisel, Manure Spreader Designer for Artex Manufacturing

That’s exactly what we did during our August 25th, 2014 segment on the Daily Planet’s Extreme Machines Week. We were honored that Discovery Channel came all the way out to rural Minnesota to film with us!

Tough as Nails

So how did we prove to the doubters that our manure spreaders are the strongest on earth? By now you have probably seen the video of our CB1200 shredding up a Geo Metro, if not it’s a must watch! Well we took this idea and ran with it…we pulverized a boat, four door sedan and two pallets of cement blocks!

Did these items prove to be too much for our spreader? You’ll have to watch to find out.

Discovery Channel Segment

This is just a teaser of what to expect. You can watch the full video here. Simply click on the Segments button below the featured video, use the drop down menu to locate “Manure Shredder” (near the bottom) and click.

Extreme MachinesWhy Artex?

We’re a Midwest built spreader designed to handle frozen manure which can cause farmers a lot of difficulty. Here’s what makes our spreaders top of the line.

  • Revolutionary Twin Vertical Beaters
  • Unbeatable Undercarriage
  • Beefed Up Frame
  • Articulating Hitch

Once the manure spreader is loaded, the durable floor chains bring the product to the back where the hungry vertical beaters grab it, shred it and spread it throughout the filed at a width that can get up to 65 feet!

Why Do Farmers Need a Manure Spreader That Can Grind Up a Car?

We know that you don’t have time to waste sitting broke down in the field…or the money to continue to replace less than durable parts. That’s why we build the biggest, strongest spreaders on earth!

Breakdown less and get more work done! Contact us today to schedule a demonstration!