3 Options For Your Manure Spreading Needs

August 4, 2012

Options are important when it comes to spreading manure.  The ratio of available manure to acres of land will dictate some of the options you will need for manure management.    The type of spreader, different attachments, and additional options can make a big difference on application.  Redwood Metal Works offers a variety of options to choose from for your spreading needs including:

1.Type of Manure Spreader

2. Manure Spreader Attachments

3. Customized  for your specific needs

  • 2, 3 or 4 foot wall extensions
  • Select the capacity ( how many cubic feet )
  • Custom painting and decals
  • Electronic controls
  • Silage tailgates

These features come standard with all options:

  • 10 gauge steel walls
  • 3/8 thick tube construction
  •  Inset and angled vertical beater with bottom pan
  • 5/8 inch thick flighting on vertical beater
  • 10 gauge steel walls
  • Remote grease banks
  • Removable rear chain doors
  • 180 degree swivel arm for hydraulic lines
  • inset guillotine gate
  • Optional Floor chain: 88C or WR78
  • 7 tooth rear chain drive sprocket
  • Articulating single lip hitch
  • 1/2″ plastic floor
  • Optional tire sizes available 550/45-22.5, 600/50-22 or 750/45R-22.5
  • Undercarriage comes standard with hydraulic brakes (CB only)
  • Undercarriage equipped with self-steer technology (CB only)

Redwood Metal Works and Artex spreaders are available with many different options to accommodate any operation, from the small hobby farm to large farming operations.  We can help you determine which features will benefit your manure spreading needs.  Locate one of our national dealers or contact us for more information.