Performance Spreading: Top 5 Reasons to Use an Artex Manure Spreader

November 30, 2013

Today’s farmers are running much bigger operations with fewer people.  So now, more than ever, they need to rely on bigger equipment including manure spreaders!

In large farming operations “performance” is essential.  How a farmer performs reflects on their skills and training, determines how effective they are, and if executed well, it makes them successful.

Think of a “performance” runner who needs more than the standard to keep performing.  They select Gatorade vs. water for better performance, just as farmers need to choose the most effective equipment for optimal performance too.

Our customers say spreading with Artex manure spreaders is what keeps them ahead of the pack.  Why?

Here are the Top 5 Reasons:

1.  Uniformed Spread

For successful spreading of manure it takes a combination of being consistent, effective and controllable. Keep in mind packing the load; it will contribute to a finer more uniformed spread.

Our twin vertical beater offers a 60 foot wide spread pattern and have heavy duty augers with replaceable teeth.  They are shear-bolt protected with over running clutch.  The gearbox is set up with oil-bath lubrication.

2.  Less Compaction

We offer Alliance 750/45R 26.5 tires on our CB Pull type manure spreaders.  Tires such as these are engineered to carry heavy loads, yet reduce the load on the surface of the soil. The more floatation you have the less compaction you will get.  They are self-cleaning so they leave the dirt in the field where it should be!  Alliance tires offer a long life and cost-effective performance.

3.  Low Maintenance

Emptying completely and cleaning after every use, proper lubrication, maintain oil level in gear box, adjust tension on both the floor chain and drive chain and tighten wheel nuts, rotate your tires and your manure spreader will last a lifetime!

4.  Undercarriage

Strength of the floor support is a very important design factor that we take seriously.  We know that the impact of a full load can be several tons and we designed our manure spreaders with this in mind.  So you can be assured that every manure spreader that leaves the shop will be tough as nails and comes standard with hydraulic brakes and self-steering technology as well.

5.  Framework

The spreader must be able to absorb the impact of heavy loads so a strong frame is the foundation of each and every Artex Product.  With each machine being hand welded you end up with a superior structure that prevents cracking.

At Artex we are proud of the reputation we have built over the last 40 years.  We continue to analyze what does and what doesn’t give a spreader a longer life.

We are committed to excellence and quality and we are thrilled to hear from our customers that our manure spreaders pull great through the field and on the road!  We would love to hear from you, tell us your “performance story” below!

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