Need a Reliable and Durable Aluminum Trailer?

December 21, 2012

Do you find yourself needing a durable and reliable trailer on your farm that can handle multiple jobs?  Do you worry about the weight of the trailer plus your load that you need to move?  We have the answer for you!  Our End Dump Aluminum Trailer can be used for so many reasons; hauling away rocks and dirt in the spring, dead animals in the summer, grain in the fall and even snow in the winter.  And, it is lighter than most trailers so that you don’t have to worry about the roads you need to travel.

When you can find so many multiple uses for one piece of equipment it is easier to justify the expense.  Now you may wonder, why buy ours vs. the competitions?  We have two main reasons for you to consider:

New tailgate

  • Completely sealed
  • Will not drip contents when you are on the road

Frameless technology

  • Easier to dump
  • Less weight when empty
  • On the road can add more load to it
  • Telescopic hydraulic lift

We also have some options available on this end dump trailer:

  • Lengths from 28 to 40’
  • Width of 96 or 102”
  • Wall height 4 or 5’
  • Floor Thickness 3/16 or ¼”
  • Rear door swing Left or Right
  • Tire size 22.5 or 24.5

With all these selections, you will see Redwood Metal Works is your best option!  What do you need to haul in your trailer?

For pricing/sales information contact us or call:
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