Is Soil Compaction A Concern For You?

January 10, 2013

The best way to manage soil compaction is to prevent it from happening. The old adage of “stay off the field until it’s fit to work” is ideally how we want to proceed, however, because you need to spread even when field conditions are less than ideal, what if we could help you at least minimize compaction?

I am positive that most farmers out there have had this concern.  Your soil is your most important resource when growing a healthy and profitable crop.

Here are 5 key concerns to soil compaction:

  • Causes nutrient deficiencies
  • Reduces production
  • Reduces aeration
  • Increases surface runoff
  • Damages soil structure

That is why are excited to now offer the Allliance 750/45R 26.5 tire on our CB Pull Type Manure Spreader.  Because heavy equipment can cause damage to the soil structure and the structure determines the ability of the soil to hold and conduct water and nutrients that plant requires.

Benefits to this new tire option:

  • More floatation, a larger tire with lower pressure allows for better floatation
  • Less ground compaction, engineered to carry heavy load, yet reduce load on soil surface
  • Designed for maximum traction
  • Smooth machine operation and machine stability
  • Long life and cost-effective performance
  • Self-cleaning

We just sent the CB1200 with the new tire option to our dealer, Dairyland Supply, in Sauk Centre, MN.  Stop by and check it out!

We are excited to add this new option of tires to your Redwood Metal Works manure spreader.  If you want a better way to deal compaction, give us a call to see how Alliance tires may be able to help!  To find a dealer near you click here.