How Greenberg Farms Keeps Two CB1200 Manure Spreaders Busy

November 30, 2012

James Greenberg is a fourth generation Dairy Farmer. He and his family currently milk approximately 500 cows near Stratford, Wisconsin.  He just recently went from a steel machine shed to house his animals to a new building with compost bedding.

As you watch the video you will find out why he switched to this system.  A few key reasons:

  • Reduce the amount of bedding – due to aerating 2 times a day
  • Reduce the anaerobic bacteria – which gives mastitis problems
  • Cow comfort – easier on their joints, which in turn, they produce more milk
  • Open air movement – cooler in the summer and less condensation in the winter
  • Feed Management – all feed inside the building
  • Manure Management – concrete walls created a scrap alley for composting manure which also serves as manure storage facility

“ This is proven to give us more than adequate ventilation in the winter time with very little dripping from condensation, much better than metal buildings in my estimation,” suggests Jim Greenberg

In the video you noticed Wayne with the University of Minnesota Extension Service also felt strongly about the composting bedded pack barns offering Cow Comfort and that you will get more production from your animals, meaning extra money in your pocket!  Some common questions addressed by the U of  M extension include:

  • What about sawdust supply?
  • How do the cows avoid stepping on each other?
  • What about odor and ventilation needs?

Click here to see the responses to these questions by they U of M Extension Website.

Do you have a similar dairy situation?  If so, let us show you just how our manure spreaders will help you manage the bi-product of your farming operation.  Contact Us today!