How a Manure Spreader Solved The Potato Waste Product Problem

June 24, 2013

Our regional sales representative Shawn Guetter was recently up north visiting a few beet lime and potato farmers.  “We sell a lot of CB900 & CB1200 Manure Spreaders up in the Red River Valley of North Dakota for spreading Beet Lime.  We know our equipment works well for their beet lime waste.”

“Bumblebee” even shared this comment on The Combine Forum about getting the right kind of spreader with Artex:

We spread about 10,000 ton of beet lime just this year alone. Lots of it like mud, you just need to get the right kind of spreader. We use an Artex vertical beater spreader, that thing will spread anything and I mean anything! I have always wondered how those fertilizer spreaders people around here have can spread beet lime, I guess I just got the real answer……… not very good.”

Thanks for sharing Bumblebee!

Last week, while visiting the Red River Valley, Shawn came across an Artex manure spreader spreading rotten potatoes, not beet lime.  He spoke to the farmer who had a lot of spoilage on his potatoes and needed a way to get rid of them.

He borrowed his neighbors Artex CB900 Manure Spreader and started spreading them on a field that he planned to plant wheat on.  Shawn asked him if these potatoes would start to grow after they disked them into the ground and his reply was, “we will try our best so that doesn’t happen.”

This potato farmer was very impressed at the way the spreader “chewed up and spit out” the rotten potatoes. His other option would have been to dump the potatoes in the field, level them out and disk his field multiple times until the potatoes were in small chunks.

The Artex Manure Spreader saved this farmer both time and money by only having to disc the field one time.