Floater Truck with Manure Spreader Rolls Out of Redwood Metal Works

September 26, 2013

This CASE 4530 Floater is equipped with a Redwood Metal Works / Artex CB1604  Manure Spreader which offers a guillotine tailgate, making it easier to adjust his spread based on the size field he is being hired to apply, along with a single beater cyclone attachment, perfect for poultry litter and works well with lime and bio-solids too!

“Case IH Titan™ Series floater chassis and applicators are built to handle the tough demands of changing terrain while accurately applying fertilizer and chemicals, season after season. Customize a Titan floater with your choice of 3- or 4-wheel configurations, two engine sizes, tires, single or multiple bins, tanks, boom widths and variable-rate application technologies to fit your needs.”  caseih.com

Trent McDonough with MRA Custom Applications LLC in Boone Iowa, a certified commercial manure applicator business, approached us about purchasing our manure spreaders because:

  • We are centrally located with Artex Dealers nearby for service and support if needed
  • We are economical yet offer a superior product
  • Artex products are built to stand the test of time with the demands of custom spreading
  • Our manure spreader works well with poultry litter (which use of has increased with fertilizer prices climbing sharply)

Thank you Trent and our dealer Automated Waste Systems, we know you will get great use out of these manure spreaders!